Laravel 4 Mail - failed SMTP on server, switching to mail method


This is quite strange as email sending using my Gmail SMTP server works in my localhost, but when I deployed it on a VPS, it wouldn't work at all.

I can't find any issue as to why this is happening, the configuration looks normal (SSL port 465, Gmail SMTP server). I'm using Laravel 4.0.9 so I thought of upgrading to 4.1/4.2 to use the Mailgun feature (not sure if 4.0 can use Mailgun?)

Anyway, for a quick fix, I just switched to mail method for email sending. Since this works well for me, my question is that whether there is any tradeoff of using mail instead of SMTP on Laravel? The delivery seems okay as it got to my inbox, but what about the long term?

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated :)


PHP mail may be faster since you don't have to connect to your smtp server, but it's not better. In the long run, SMTP email is the only way to guarantee that your email will arrive in the inbox of your receivers

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