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I have the task of developing an application to pull data from remote REST services and generating Excel reports. This application will be used by a handful of users at the company (10-15). The data load can reach 10,000-200,000 records. I have been debating whether to use Python or C#...

The only reason I am considering Python is because I am familiar with it and it would be less of a risk.

Personally I want to try use C# since this would be a good opportunity to learn it. The application is not too complicated so the overhead of learning it won't be too much... I think.

Are there any issues with C# that I should be concerned about for this type of program? The users run Windows XP... would users not having .NET installed be a major concern?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I guess I need to stress the fact that the end users should be able to run the application without installing additional libraries/frameworks.

By : lucks


If the users have to install a C# client then not having .NET installed would be an issue. You can package the installer so it downloads the .NET runtime, but depending on what features you use it could be quite a big download.

If your application is web based then all the C# code runs on the server and just delivers HTML to the browser so whether .NET is installed or not shouldn't matter.

By : ChrisF

Integration with Excel will almost certainly be simpler from C#. Given the requirements "Windows only" and "Integrates with Excel", it would seem a simple choice that C# is better suited to this individual problem.

And, no, users' not having .NET is not a concern compared with Python as the alternative. The Dot Net framework is a standard part of Microsoft Update. In contrast, Python will almost certainly not be there on the average end users' machine. In your case, with an internal app, that last point might not matter of course.

If you are doing any kind of HTTP work with C# make sure you take a look at the new HttpClient library that is in WCF REST Starter Preview2. Ignore the name of that download, the HttpClient part can be used independently of WCF.

It is a WAY better client than just using HttpWebRequest.

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