How do I avoild mailgun from disabling my domain if people are spamming me? [closed]

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I'm using mailgun to forward my mail from * to my gmail account and today my mailgun domain was disabled.

I looked at the logs and saw that I have a lot of incoming spam sent to various email addresses. Mailgun was forwarding this mail until today.

How do I get this incoming spam to stop?

Since I'm not sure I can do that, is there any way I can configure mailgun to NOT disable my domains because other people are sending me spam?



You can either set up specific redirects rather than * or take advantage of the " " trick. Basically any email address will ignore and the rest of the string until the @ sign.

For example [email protected] and bob [email protected]

are exactly the same.

Additionally: I would suggest you'd contact the support team ([email protected]) and by the way make sure the spam filtering is disabled for your domain over here

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