FF3 WinXP != FF3 Ubuntu - why?

By : Josh
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I've got a website that I've just uploaded onto the interwebs, and it's displaying differently using Firefox 3.0.1 on Ubuntu and WinXP.

Two things I've noticed on Ubuntu:

  1. The favicon is missing
  2. The background color isn't displaying (it's set in the stylesheet)

What have I done wrong? The CSS file is being fetched under Ubuntu, so why isn't it applying all of the stylesheet, just the bits it likes? And why isn't the favicon displaying? Are they the same problem?

The answer on the background color: invalid HTML. But I'd love for someone to explain why it works under Windows and not Ubuntu.

The answer on favicon: previously, there was no favicon. The browser cached the lack of favicon. Clear the Firefox cache, and all is well.

By : Josh


To see what's different, enter about:config in the address bar in Firefox in both Linux and Windows, press Enter, and compare the output

By : dmityugov

Almost too obvious to say, but are they both "Firefox 3.01"? One isn't, for instance, Firefox 3.01 revision 3 update 6 service pack 9 and the other, well, you get the picture.

Even if they were both the very latest Firefox for that platform, doesn't mean they're exactly the same thing.

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