How do you kill all Linux processes that are older than a certain age?


I have a problem with some zombie-like processes on a certain server that need to be killed every now and then. How can I best identify the ones that have run for longer than an hour or so?

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Came across somewhere..thought it is simple and useful

You can use the command in crontab directly ,

* * * * * ps -lf | grep "user" |  perl -ane '($h,$m,$s) = split /:/,$F
+[13]; kill 9, $F[3] if ($h > 1);'

or, we can write it as shell script ,

ps -lf | grep "user" |  perl -ane '($h,$m,$s) = split /:/,$F[13]; kill
+ 9, $F[3] if ($h > 1);'

And call it crontab like so,

* * * * *

Jodie C and others have pointed out that killall -i can be used, which is fine if you want to use the process name to kill. But if you want to kill by the same parameters as pgrep -f, you need to use something like the following, using pure bash and the /proc filesystem.


max_age=120 # (seconds)                                                                                                                                 
naughty="$(pgrep -f offlineimap)"                                                                                                                       
if [[ -n "$naughty" ]]; then # naughty is running                                                                                                       
  age_in_seconds=$(echo "$(date +%s) - $(stat -c %X /proc/$naughty)" | bc)                                                                              
  if [[ "$age_in_seconds" -ge "$max_age" ]]; then # naughty is too old!                                                                                 
    kill -s 9 "$naughty"                                                                                                                                

This lets you find and kill processes older than max_age seconds using the full process name; i.e., the process named /usr/bin/python2 offlineimap can be killed by reference to "offlineimap", whereas the killall solutions presented here will only work on the string "python2".

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Found an answer that works for me:

warning: this will find and kill long running processes

ps -eo uid,pid,etime | egrep '^ *user-id' | egrep ' ([0-9]+-)?([0-9]{2}:?){3}' | awk '{print $2}' | xargs -I{} kill {}

(Where user-id is a specific user's ID with long-running processes.)

The second regular expression matches the a time that has an optional days figure, followed by an hour, minute, and second component, and so is at least one hour in length.

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