Using jq to parse JSON in launchd

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By : Pirijan

I have a shell script that evaluates a folder full of JSON files which runs fine when invoked directly but fails when run from launchd. Specifically, launchd fails on this line:

current_file_snapshots=$(cat $current_file | jq '.snapshots | length')


jq: command not found

I looked through the jq docs to figure this out, but there's no mention of this problem. I haven't been able to figure out how to get jq (or any similar third party tool) to work through launchd.


By : Pirijan


As the very first process that runs in Mac OS X, launchd has no environment (including a PATH parameter) except for what you specify in /etc/launchd.conf. You could create that file and add

setenv PATH "/usr/local/bin"

If you want the full environment associated with your regular shell sessions, you should execute your script explicitly as a login shell:

bash -l myscript.bash
By : chepner

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