Why easyphp stop all apache processes on severals PC?


on some Windows PC, when I have both easyPHP and a standalone apache service configured on another network port and with a specific service name, I have a problem : when I stop easyphp, the other apache is stopped too.

The problem do not occur on all PC I have, but seems very strange to me. Any idea?

more information after answer from Radar : my process have a special name (ecapache), but easyphp does not seems to use process but rather lauch directly the servers.

Thanks C├ędric


i think Both are integrated together, i was not occur in all PC because of port number.

By : Sakthivel

Maybe how it's killing it is that it's finding all processes called "apache" or similar and just killing them, regardless of if it 'owns' it or not.

By : Ryan Bigg

Consider it this way, customer A downloads the latest version of you library file or frame work. He hits compile on this machine and suddenly he see thousands of errors because the member file or function does no longer exist. From this point on, you've given the customer a reason why not to upgrade to your new version and to stay with the old version.

Raymond Chen answers this the best with his blog about win32 API,

Though, our experience in our software house has been, once the API has been written we have to carry the API to the end of the product life cycle. To help users to new versions, we provide backwards compatibility with the old commands in the new framework.

By : Chad

This video can help you solving your question :)
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