Can't establish SQL Server connection from VS 2008


I am sorry if this sounds like a silly question, but I have googled for a while for a solution and no success. I am trying to establish a connection from VS 2008 to SQL Server. I am trying to use an user that my web application has been successfuly using to access the database from in its connection string. But when doing it from VS 2008, it tells me "Login failed for use 'xxxxxx'". I am currently in the "Add Connection" window. I have chosen the datasource and server name, fulfilled username and password for SQL Server Authentication. Do I have to set specific permissions for this user? Do I need to allow a VS 2008 user in SQL Server? Thanks.


Do you have SQL Server Management Studio Express Installed? if so try connecting as the same user through that interface. This will isolate your problem a bit.

With Visual Studio, you're connecting through a "remote" connection, even though they're on the same machine. With Server Management Studio, you're connecting through a named pipe probably. You need to change the SQL configuration so that it allows remote connections. Here are instructions for how to do it.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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