Can an Android library JAR depend on an Android library AAR?

By : Matthew

I have an Android library project FooLib. FooLib references things like Android Contexts but doesn't require any resource files (things in res/) so I am currently packaging this as a JAR for my app to consume.

I now want to make FooLib depend on BarLib, but BarLib does use resources so I can't package BarLib as a JAR. Instead, it is packaged as an AAR. Is it possible for me to have FooLib depend on BarLib but continue to package FooLib as a JAR? Or, does having an AAR dependency in FooLib force me to make it an AAR also?

By : Matthew


Because AAR format does not contain classes directly as jar files do it is no use for a non Android project. Therefore it would be better to make FooLib an AAR.

Another solution would be to extract jar library from BarLib and depend on it.

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