best Java GUI Editor [closed]

By : Ali

I know there is nothing called the best Java IDE (eclipse, netbean,�) each one has its own speciality.

But when it comes the GUI Editor (visual Editor) there are some interesting items out there; I would love to know which one is the most recommended.

I am not asking for a full IDE, i am sking about any GUI editor or plugin for any IDE that allow me edit Java GUI (not neceserly swing), i am also open for commercial alternatives it do not have to be free.

UPDATE: this question is some how close to my question (i didn't notice it before asking but i hope any one searching for simmiller thing benefits from both questions) thank jjnguy

By : Ali


seems you looking for jedit, which oddly seems to be not on the list above.

NetBeans' included visual swing editor Matisse is probably the best one.

If you are using Eclipse, Jigloo is probably the best out there. (A plugin)

By : Alex Argo

This video can help you solving your question :)
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