Parse local XML file in Android

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How can I parse my local XML file located in my android project (inside res/XML folder) and want to get the values in that file.


to read your xml add code as shown below

XmlResourceParser myxml = mContext.getResources().getXml(R.xml.MyXml);
//MyXml.xml is name of our xml in newly created xml folder, mContext is the current context
// Alternatively use: XmlResourceParser myxml = getContext().getResources().getXml(R.xml.MyXml);;//Get next parse event
int eventType = myxml.getEventType(); //Get current xml event i.e., START_DOCUMENT etc.

and to get content of code add code shown below

By : Khan

To access XML resources stored in res/xml, call getResources().getXml() from any Activity or other Context. You need to supply to getXml() the ID of the XML to load (R.xml.myfile).

This video can help you solving your question :)
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