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I am writing a JavaScript function to highlight the row and column of a clicked cell. This function must take into account cells in previous rows that use rowspan to protrude down into the selected row - because this causes the cell indexes to differ from the "apparent" index. I.E. every cell in the second column of a table does not necessarily have cellIndex==1.

To compensate, I have written the following function that calculates the "offset" for each affected cell.

function OffsetCells($tbody) {
// if already indexed, we don't need to re-do it
if (!$'isOffset').value) {
    // set offset for all cells to zero
    $tbody.find('td').data('offset', { value: 0 });
    // it's not already indexed, so get the cells that span multiple rows
    // capitalization of 'rowSpan' is important for IE
    var $rowSpanners = $tbody.find('td[rowSpan!=1]');
    $rowSpanners.each(function() {
        var $rowSpanningCell = $(this);
        // we need to select all the cells to the 'apparent' right of this cell, 
        // so we need this cell's apparent position
        // multiplying by one is easier than parseInt() to ensure conversion
        $'apparentIndex', { value: this.cellIndex * 1 +     $'offset').value });
        // we also need to know what row this cell is in 
/*???*/     $'rowIndex', { value: $rowSpanningCell.parent('tr').get(0).rowIndex });
        // down to business:
        $tbody.parent('table')  // get the whole table
        .find('tr')            // get all the rows in the table
        .slice($'rowIndex').value + 1, $'rowIndex').value + this.rowSpan) // narrow selection to the applicable rows
        .find('td')             // get the cells in the chosen rows
        .filter(function(index) {  // get the cells to the apparent right of this one.
            return index + $(this).data('offset').value >= $'apparentIndex').value;
        }).each(function() {
            $(this).data('offset', { value: $(this).data('offset').value + 1 });
    $'isOffset', { value: true });

This code works wonderfully in IE, but fails silently at the /*???*/ line. I have narrowed it down to the $rowSpanningCell.parent('tr').get(0).rowIndex part. I have tried everything I can think of, and still cannot get it to return the rowIndex value. When I change the code to alert($rowSpanningCell.parent('tr').get(0).nodeName) I get the expected <TR>, so I know I my selection is right. Every other value for every OTHER property for the row seems to return fine - but rowIndex just stops the code cold.

By : ScottSEA

You can try


which will give you the index

By : redsquare

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