Handling and storing elapsed time

By : Dan
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I'm having problems deciding on what is the best way is to handle and store time measurements.

I have an app that has a textbox that allows the users to input time in either hh:mm:ss or mm:ss format.

So I was planning on parsing this string, tokenizing it on the colons and creating TimeSpan (or using TimeSpan.Parse() and just adding a "00:" to the mm:ss case) for my business logic. Ok?

How do I store this as in a database though? What would the field type be? DateTime seems wrong. I don't want a time of 00:54:12 to be stored as 1901-01-01 00:54:12 that seems a bit poor?

By : Dan


For periods less than a day, just use seconds as other have said.

For longer periods, it depends on your db engine. If SQL Server, prior to version 2008 you want a datetime. It's okay- you can just ignore the default 1/1/1900 date they'll all have. If you are fortunate enough to have sql server 2008, then there are separate Date and Time datatypes you can use. The advantage with using a real datetime/time type is the use of the DateDiff function for comparing durations.

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