Unmounting React.js node


I'm trying to unmount a React.js node with this._rootNodeID

 handleClick: function() {



But it returns false.

The handleClick is fired when I click on an element, and should unmount the root-node. Documentation on unmountComponentAtNode here

I've tried this as well:


That selector works with jQuery.hide(), but not with unmounting it, while the documentation states it should be a DOMElement, like you would use for React.renderComponent

After a few more tests it turns out it works on some elements/selectors.

It somehow works with the selector: document.getElementById('maindiv'), where maindiv is an element not generated with React.js, and just plain html. Then it returns true.

But as soon as I try and select a different ElementById that is generated with React.js it returns false. And it wont work with document.body either, though they all essentially return the same thing if I console.log them (getElementsByClassName('bla')[0] also doesn't work)

There should be a simple way to select the node via this, without having to resort to jQuery or other selectors, I know it's in there somewhere..

By : TrySpace


First , i am new to reactjs ,too . Of course we can control the Component all by switch the state , but as I try and test , i get that , the React.unmountComponentAtNode(parentNode) can only unmount the component which is rendered by React.render(

By : Monjer

This video can help you solving your question :)
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