Length of a JavaScript object (that is, associative array


If I have a JavaScript object/associative-array, say

var myArray = new Object();
myArray["firstname"] = "Gareth";
myArray["lastname"] = "Simpson";
myArray["age"] = 21;

is there a built-in or accepted best practice way to get the length of this array?

JavaScript does not have associative arrays -- it only has objects, which can be used as a notion of associative arrays.


If you don't care about supporting Internet Explorer 8 or lower, you can easily get the number of properties in an object by applying the following two steps:

  1. Run either Object.keys() to get an array that contains the names of only those properties that are enumerable or Object.getOwnPropertyNames() if you want to also include the names of properties that are not enumerable.
  2. Get the .length property of that array.

If you need to do this more than once, you could wrap this logic in a function:

function size(obj, enumerablesOnly) {
    return enumerablesOnly === false ?
        Object.getOwnPropertyNames(obj).length :

How to use this particular function:

var myObj = Object.create({}, {
    getFoo: {},
    setFoo: {}
myObj.Foo = 12;

var myArr = [1,2,5,4,8,15];

console.log(size(myObj));        // Output : 1
console.log(size(myObj, true));  // Output : 1
console.log(size(myObj, false)); // Output : 3
console.log(size(myArr));        // Output : 6
console.log(size(myArr, true));  // Output : 6
console.log(size(myArr, false)); // Output : 7

See also this Fiddle for a demo.

You can simply use Object.keys(obj).length on any object to get its length. Object.keys returns an array containing all of the object keys (properties) which can come in handy for finding the length of that object using the length of the corresponding array. You can even write a function for this. Let's get creative and write a method for it as well:

function objLength(obj)
  return Object.keys(obj).length;

console.log(objLength({a:1, b:"summit", c:"nonsense"}));

// Works perfectly fine
var obj = new Object();
obj['fish'] = 30;
obj['nullified content'] = null;

// It also works your way, which is creating it using the Object constructor
Object.prototype.getLength = function() {
   return Object.keys(this).length;

// You can also write it as a method, which is more efficient as done so above



var myArray = new Object();
myArray["firstname"] = "Gareth";
myArray["lastname"] = "Simpson";
myArray["age"] = 21;
obj = Object.keys(myArray).length;

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