What alternatives are there to the MATLAB Editor?

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By : mana
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Some things that I personally find as shortcomings in the MATLAB Editor:

  • virtually no code completion available
  • does not run OS native (on MacOS) - but in X-Environment (shortcuts, copy&paste problems, keymappings, non intuitive window-managing)
  • virtually no refactoring tools

Are there alternative editors with these features?

By : mana


I just wanted to add that r2011b adds the ability to rename variables- a very small but often helpful feature.

By : Superbest

We are developing an open source Matlab plugin for Eclipse which can be found at http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/matclipse/

It's been used internally for some time and cleaned up to release it to the public.

By : ert

Searching for change MATLAB shortcuts here on StackOverflow yields some results.

I know VS and Eclipse well and IMO MATLAB IDE does its job pretty good. It is the only one with:

  • reasonably auto-complete because it knows which functions are in the MATLAB path.
  • debugger and command window.
  • easy input -> easy output, like a scientific pocket calculator running on PC

With MATLAB (or say Python) the approach to coding is different then with VS or Eclipse for say C++ or Java. For example - with command window in MATLAB IDE you can evaluate almost everything. Together with debugger you can write new code pieces and evaluate them in succession, it's like exploring.

Being a dynamic language you also can not expect mach refactoring. So from a practical viewpoint it makes sense that MATLAB IDE is the way it is. Also the problems solved with MATLAB are different from these were Java is used.

By : Mikhail

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