Reactjs with history

By : Heptic

I am trying to handle history with reactjs, in such a way that the browser back and forward buttons work intuitively. Is there any examples of this, or general guidelines I should be following?


By : Heptic


React Router has worked really well for me. Super simple to use, with tons of bells and whistles if you need them.

In general when it comes to client side route handing, As long as your URL always leads to one application state and one state only the back and forward-buttons will work fine, it shouldn't matter in your application how you reach a certain URL/State.

So if states in your app (not the React setState-state, just whatever state your app can be in) is always is reflected with a unique URL then you're all set.

By : krs

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin