React.js: Identifying different inputs with one onChange handler

By : T3db0t

Curious what the right way to approach this is:

var Hello = React.createClass({
getInitialState: function() {
    return {total: 0, input1:0, input2:0};
render: function() {
    return (
            <input type="text" value={this.state.input1} onChange={this.handleChange} />
            <input type="text" value={this.state.input2} onChange={this.handleChange} />
handleChange: function(e){
    this.setState({ ??? :});
    t = this.state.input1 + this.state.input2;
    this.setState({total: t});

React.renderComponent(<Hello />, document.getElementById('content'));

Obviously you could create separate handleChange functions to handle each different input, but that's not very nice. Similarly you could create a component just for an individual input, but I wanted to see if there's a way to do it like this.

By : T3db0t

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