Best technology for adding plugin support to a J2SE application? [closed]


I'm writing a J2SE desktop application that requires one of its components to be pluggable. I've already defined the Java interface for this plugin. The user should be able to select at runtime (via the GUI) which implementation of this interface they want to use (e.g. in an initialisation dialog). I envisage each plugin being packaged as a JAR file containing the implementing class plus any helper classes it may require.

What's the best technology for doing this type of thing in a desktop Java app?


After many tries for plugin-based Java architectures (what is precisely what you seem to look for), I finally found JSPF to be the best solution for Java5 code. it do not have the huge needs of OSGI like solutions, but is instead rather easy to use.

By : Riduidel

One approach I'm considering is having my application start up a lightweight OSGi container, which if I understand correctly would be able to discover what plugin JAR files exist in a designated folder, which in turn would let me list them for the user to choose from. Is this feasible?

I also found this article by Richard Deadman, but it looks a little dated (2006?) and mentions neither OSGi (at least not by name) nor the java.util.jar package

OSGI is certainly a valid way to go. But, assuming you dont need to unload to reload the plugin, it might be using a hammer to crack a nut.

You could use the classes in 'java.util.jar' to scan each JAR file in your plugins folder and then use a '' to load in the correct one.

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