load a document string into an iframe

By : defrex
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I have a string (fetched via ajax), which is an entire html document (doctype to < /html>). Does anyone know of a way to load it into an iframe?

I cannot simply specify the url that returned the document in the src of the iframe, since the response may have come from a post, and repeating it may have ill effects. Also, I can't submit it to the iframe the first time, since I can't predict absolutely that the result will be a document and not some json. Basically, I can't recall the url, I must be able to use the version I have (a string).

jQuery is fair game, since that's what I'm using.

By : defrex


You can do this using a data URI. A data URI is a way to load inline data as if you're loading external data. They look like this: data:

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