What is the group and artifact id of Spring boot loader?


I want to unpack and copy the spring boot loader component in my war file. I am using maven dependency plugin for it. I am not sure about its correct group and artifact id. Maven complains about it. Here is the maven configuration which I am using:




I figured out the problem. It was looking into local nexus maven repository.

Add this repository in your pom.xml


And the dependancy will be like

    <version>0.5.0.M6</version> <!-- 6 is the latest till yet -->
By : Saif Asif

Just chiming in even when this is a old question. Keep in mind for production do not use the snapshot builds, use the release builds instead. Snapshot builds may have known issues but the release builds are stable.

You can find the latest spring version at the Spring boot page.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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