Android studio: debug application on device


I have difficulties with with debugging at Android Studio. After trying to launch application in debug mode device show alert with "Waiting For Debugger" title that never disappear. Also I have android:debuggable="true" in my manifest file and seems like device connected correctly, because I can simply run my application without any problem. What I'm doing wrong?


Remove those lines related to debugging. When you launch an application from Android Studio it is signed with a debug key. Any debugging information you need can be viewed in logcat from Android Studio. Also make sure you are running the latest version (help -> check for updates) I think that's where its at.

I'm struggling with similar issue every day and as restarting the studio or the device is pretty time consuming (and sometimes even does not work), I was trying many things and by coincidence I found an awkward (but working) solution.

When you are in the situation when you hit debug button in Android Studio, the studio says it's connected and the device says: Waiting for Debugger, but the device waits forever, do this:

  • In Android Studio, hit the 'Edit Configurations' pop-up button
  • Once the Run/Debug Configurations dialog opens, the debug process starts!

Works like a miracle!

By : pepan

This video can help you solving your question :)
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