Email Confirmation with MVC 5 and Identity

By : John

I have been searching, but have not found any documentation on how to implement Email confirmation with MVC 5 using the new Identity. There does not seem to be any documentation on this topic (that I could find).

Has anyone solved this yet? I am very surprised that this is not included by default in the default MVC 5 project.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

By : John


Please look at following link, this is not above email sending but, main functionality it seems imlemented:

and this one for email confirmation:

By : Alexandr

I installed identity framework 2 in an MVC website in May 2016, and it includes email confirmation, although it's commented out initially. Here's what to look for in the account controller:

enter image description here

So when a user registers, you can uncomment the code to send them an email. If you've got a good understanding of the MVC model, the rest should be relatively straightforward.

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin