Is it time to start developing with HTML5? [closed]


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So now with the new FF, Opera, IE, is it finally time to start developing sites with HTML5 or is it still a little premature and will cause compatibility issues?

Is using HTML5 just going to require us to use more and more JS on websites to 'trick' older browsers into working properly?


This site has a pretty good HTML5 shiv for IE. Just include it on you page and you can then style the HTML5 elements.

Bruce Lawson of Opera gave an interesting presentation on this at OSCON, see his slides; the verbal conclusion was that it's OK, though there was some debate. Of course that's from somebody working for a browser maker so they're going to be less worried about older browsers (since everybody upgrading is to their advantage;-). The more you need to worry about older browsers, the worse your life is in general of course, but html 5 wouldn't help you there, sigh!-(

I have begun developing pages with the new HTML5 DOCTYPE:

<! DOCTYPE html>

This new DOCTYPE essentially puts the browser into a sorta "standards-based mode." Obviously this is all pretty new to most browsers but creating pages under this DOCTYPE will allow sites to last longer than ever. This also degrades gracefully within every browser I have tested in and no noticeable HTML or CSS downsides.

W3C has began using an experimental validator for HTML5 which can be used the exact same way as all of their other validation engines. An intersting side note: According to the W3C validator, you do not need to close the BODY or HTML tag at the end of the page; allowing for very minimal load time decreases.

As HTML5 continues to make its way to the forefront, I plan to begin implementing more advancements that just the DOCTYPE. For now that seems to be all that is new and widely supported.

Hope this helps. -B

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