Whats the best way to wrap a c# class for use by powershell script


I have an engine that executes powershell scripts, and when they execute, need to feed back in some xml to the caller. The engine only takes i/o as an idmef xml message. So the script needs to return a similarly formatted xml message. I have a class which does my formatting for me and it would like the script writers to use it.

So question is I want to wrap a c# class to enable it to be used by powershell.

I saw something some where you can refer to c# class using the square bracket mob, eg.

How to you make the c# available to be used like this. I reckon it needs to be made into class lib and somehow loaded into the powershell runtime but how. Also as I'm running the powershell from c#, how do I add it into the environment at that point.

Any help would be appreciated. Bob.


I would write a Cmdlet in C# that takes a bunch of parameters and spits out the XML that you want. Then you can use that Cmdlet from Powershell by piping things into it. I hope this helps!

By : Nestor

Dealing with interfaces in PowerShell is very difficult if not impossible at least in V1, so avoid these in your class. In PowerShell a simple [reflection.assembly]::Load or LoadFile is all it takes.

I don't think anything is necessary. You can access pretty much the entire .NET Framework from PowerShell. I'm sure they didn't create any wrappers to do it.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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