How to write Apple push notification using Spring AMQP?

By : abcd

I am new to push notification. I would like to write a code using Spring AMQP which will send notification message to APN. I have .p12, certification and .pem files with me. Can anybody help me in writing the code using Spring AMQP which will send notification message.

Thanks in advance.

By : abcd


Spring AMQP is for sending messages to an AMQP broker, which in the case of spring is only RabbitMQ at this time. If you just have to use spring-amqp then you will need to create a producer using AmqpTemplate.convertAndSend. Then you will need a consumer that pulls messages off of the queue. See SimpleMessageListenerContainer and MessageListener for the consumer. Your consumer would contain the Push.alert("Hello World") code. Of course, the "Hello World" string would be replaced with whatever payload you are pushing to APNS.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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