Video and Audio Editing components


I need to write a video and audio capability in a WPF application. It need to do video and voice capture with basic editing etc.

Does anyone know of any components that could get me going.


I would check out the SpeechRecognizer class, which is new in .NET 3.0. In fact the entire System.Speech namespace is a good starting place for voice capture.

As for video, MediaElement is a full-blown FrameworkElement designed to play audio and video, which can be embedded into your WPF applications.

By : Charlie

Directshow will be required for audio/video capture from a DV camera unless you are running Windows 7. Then you can use Media Foundation. In both cases, you will need .NET interface libraries, which are already completed (Directshow here and Media Foundation here). I'm not sure if the Media Foundation interface library has support for the new capture functionality though.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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