How to get current user, and how to use User class in MVC5?

  • How can I get the id of the currently logged in user in MVC 5? I tried the StackOverflow suggestions, but they seem to be not for MVC 5.
  • Also, what is the MVC 5 best practice of assigning stuff to the users? (e.g. a User should have Items. Should I store the User's Id in Item? Can I extend the User class with an List<Item> navigation property?

I'm using "Individual User Accounts" from the MVC template.

Tried these:

'Membership.GetUser()' is null.


I feel your pain, I'm trying to do the same thing. In my case I just want to clear the user.

I've created a base controller class that all my controllers inherit from. In it I override OnAuthentication and set the filterContext.HttpContext.User to null

That's the best I've managed to far...

public abstract class ApplicationController : Controller   
    protected override void OnAuthentication(AuthenticationContext filterContext)

        if ( ... )
            // You may find that modifying the 
            // filterContext.HttpContext.User 
            // here works as desired. 
            // In my case I just set it to null
            filterContext.HttpContext.User = null;

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