How do I marshal nested lists as JSON using Jersey? I get an array of nulls or an array of one-element dictionaries containing an array

By : rlbond

I'm working on a project which uses Jersey to convert objects to JSON. I'd like to be able to write out nested lists, like so:

{"data":[["one", "two", "three"], ["a", "b", "c"]]}

The object I'd like to convert first represented data as a <LinkedList<LinkedList<String>>>, and I figured Jersey would just do the right thing. The above was output as a list of nulls:

{"data":[null, null]}

After reading that nested objects need to be wrapped, I tried the following:

@XmlRootElement(name = "foo")
@XmlType(propOrder = {"data"})
public class Foo
    private Collection<FooData> data = new LinkedList<FooData>();

    @XmlElement(name = "data")
    public Collection<FooData> getData()
        return data;

    public void addData(Collection data)
        FooData d = new FooData();
        for(Object o: data)
            d.getData().add(o == null ? (String)o : o.toString());

    @XmlRootElement(name = "FooData")
    public static class FooData
        private Collection<String> data = new LinkedList<String>();

        public Collection<String> getData()
            return data;

That code outputs what's below, which is closer to what I want:

{"data":[{"data":["one", "two", "three"]},{"data":["a", "b", "c"]}]}

I want the first data to be a list of lists, not a list of one-element dictionaries. How do I achieve this?

Here's my JAXBContentResolver:

public class JAXBContextResolver implements ContextResolver<JAXBContext>
    private JAXBContext context;
    private Set<Class<?>> types;

    // Only parent classes are required here. Nested classes are implicit.
    protected Class<?>[] classTypes = new Class[] {Foo.class};

    protected Set<String> jsonArray = new HashSet<String>(1) {

    public JAXBContextResolver() throws Exception
        Map<String, Object> props = new HashMap<String, Object>();
        props.put(JSONJAXBContext.JSON_NOTATION, JSONJAXBContext.JSONNotation.MAPPED);
        props.put(JSONJAXBContext.JSON_ROOT_UNWRAPPING, Boolean.TRUE);
        props.put(JSONJAXBContext.JSON_ARRAYS, jsonArray);
        this.types = new HashSet<Class<?>>(Arrays.asList(classTypes));
        this.context = new JSONJAXBContext(classTyes, props);

    public JAXBContext getContext(Class<?> objectType)
        return (types.contains(objectType)) ? context : null;
By : rlbond


I know the qustion is rather old but I stumbled on a similar problem but I wanted to render a List of Arrays ie.┬┤List┬┤ due to a result from a db which I got from jpa and a nativ query without using Entities.

This is how I solved it:

First Created a

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlRootElement;

public class ListWrapper extends ArrayList {

    public ListWrapper() {

    public ListWrapper(List list) {

And then I created a class extending AbstractMessageReaderWriterProvider

import org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONArray;
import org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONException;

import com.sun.jersey.core.provider.AbstractMessageReaderWriterProvider;

public class ListObjectArrayMessagereaderWriterProvider extends    AbstractMessageReaderWriterProvider
By : Perty

Check out the "Improving the Application" section of this page:

By : anon

Have you tried jersey-json ??

Add jersey-json to your classpath (or your maven dependencies)

Then use this :

public class JAXBContextResolver implements ContextResolver
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This video can help you solving your question :)
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