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How to display the progress of a server script in jQuery?

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With this code I can show an animated gif while the server script is running:

function calculateTotals() {
    $('#results').load('getResults.php', null, showStatusFinished);

function showLoadStatus() {

function showStatusFinished() {

However, I would like to display a status of how far along the script is, e.g. "Processing line 342 of 20000..." and have it count up until it is finished.

How can I do that? I can make a server-script which constantly contains the updated information but where do I put the command to read this, say, every second?


After reading your comments to Andrew's answer.

You would read the status like this:

function getStatus() {
    $.getJSON("/status.php",{"session":0, "requestID":12345}, 
    function(data) { //data is the returned JSON object from the server {name:"value"}

Using this method you can open several simultaneous XHR request on the server.

all your status.php as to output is :

{"status":"We are done row 1040/45983459"}

You can however output as many information you want in the response and to process it accordingly (feeding a progress bar for example or performing an animation..)

For more information on $.getJSON see

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