Force Internet Explorer to use a specific Java Runtime Environment install?


When viewing someone else's webpage containing an applet, how can I force Internet Explorer 6.0 to use a a particular JRE when I have several installed?


You can specify the family of JRE to be used.

As has been mentioned here for JRE6 and JRE5, I will update for JRE1.4:

You will need to run the jpicpl32.exe application in the jre/bin directory of your java installation (e.g. c:\java\jdk1.4.2_07\jre\bin\jpicpl32.exe).

This is an earlier version of the application mentioned in Daniel Cassidy's post.

I have the same issue today and I concur with Jack Leow. Basically, on Windows XP, I had to go to Control Panel > Java and then:

  1. Java tab
  2. Click on "View" button
  3. Enable only the JRE I want (i.e. JRE 1.5.x and keep 1.6.x disabled)
  4. Restart IE
  5. Load applet page in IE
  6. Et voila, it's loading the correct JRE version!
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