Data-Driven Websites for Very Small Businesses


I have a client who has a product-based website with hundreds of static product pages that are generated by Microsoft Access reports and pushed up to the ISP via FTP (it is an old design). We are thinking about getting a little more sophisticated and creating a data-driven website, probably using ASP.NET MVC.

Here's my question. Since this is a very small business (a handful of employees), I'd like to avoid enterprise patterns like web services if I can. How does one push updated product information to the website, batch-style? In a SQL Server environment, you can't just push up a new copy of the database, can you?

Clarification: The client already has a system at his facility where he keeps all of his product information and specifications. I would like to refresh the database at the ISP with this information.


Why do you need to push anything?

You just need to create a product management portion of the webpage and a secondly a public facing portion of the webpage. Both portions would touch the same SqlServer database.

.Net has the ability to monitor a database and check for updates. then you can run a query to [push] the data elsewhere.

or use sql to push the data with a trigger on the table(s) in question.

Is this what you were looking for?

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You can try Dynamic Data Web Application.

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This video can help you solving your question :)
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