extract href scrapy - crawls but doesn't extract


I am using selenium and scrapy to navigate to a table of data and I would like to extract the links/href to a csv file. so far everything i have tried doesn't seem to work and I'm unsure what to try or how to go about getting the links.

here's the important part of the table I am trying to extract the links/href from:

<tr class="even">

<td class="paddingColumnValue"> </td>

<td class="nameColumnValue"><a href="/m/app?service=external/sdata_details&sp=12812" class="sdata" title="Click here for additional details.">click</a></td>

<td class="amountColumnValue">$600,000.00</td>

<td class="myListColumnValue"><a href="" onclick="doMyListButton(this.firstChild.getAttribute('src'),this.name);myListHandler(this.name);return false;"  ├Ânmouseover="return true" name="12812"><img src="/m/images/add.gif" border="0" title="Click to add this to your list" name="A12812"></a></td>


the closest I've gotten to actually getting data is with this code...(note table id = search_results)

import time
from scrapy.item import Item, Field
from selenium import webdriver
from scrapy.spider import BaseSpider
from scrapy.contrib.linkextractors.sgml import SgmlLinkExtractor
from scrapy.selector import HtmlXPathSelector

class ElyseAvenueItem(Item):
    link = Field()

class ElyseAvenueSpider(BaseSpider):
    name = "elyse"
    allowed_domains = ["domain.com"]
    start_urls = [

def __init__(self):
    self.driver = webdriver.Firefox()

def parse(self, response):
    el1 = self.driver.find_element_by_xpath("//*[@id='headerRelatedLinks']/ul/li[5]/a")
    el2 = self.driver.find_element_by_xpath("/html/body/form/table/tbody/tr[2]/td[2]/table/tbody/tr/td[3]/p[3]/a[1]")
    if el2:
    el3 = self.driver.find_element_by_xpath("/html/body/form/table/tbody/tr[2]/td[2]/table[1]/tbody/tr/td[3]/a")
    if el3:

        titles = self.driver.find_elements_by_class_name("sdata")
        items = []
        for titles in titles:
            item = ElyseAvenueItem()
            item ["link"] = titles.find_element_by_xpath("//*[@id='search_results']/tbody/tr[2]/td[2]/a")
            return item

output to csv: selenium.webdriver.remote.webelement.WebElement object at 0x03F16E90

thank you for the help. i can post more of my attempts and their output if that will help. Like I said, what i need is the href and i just can't figure out how to do it.


You are scraping selenium webelement instance instead of it's text. Replace:

item ["link"] = titles.find_element_by_xpath("//*[@id='search_results']/tbody/tr[2]/td[2]/a")


link = titles.find_element_by_xpath("//*[@id='search_results']/tbody/tr[2]/td[2]/a")
item ["link"] = link.get_attribute('href')

Hope that helps.

By : alecxe

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