select the values from the postgresql database and insert/update based on that i need complete query


I need to design this in query level is this possible to do for version,deleted,flag columns in the table.

src_emp----> source table

1    ,aaa  ,1000
2    ,bbb  ,2000
3    ,ccc  ,3000

First load in target table trg_emp output look like below

empkey,empno,ename,sal  ,version,flag,deleted
1     ,1    ,aaa  ,1000 ,1      ,Y   ,N
2     ,2    ,bbb  ,2000 ,1      ,Y   ,N
3     ,3    ,ccc  ,3000 ,1      ,Y   ,N

Now after doing this i will change the salary for empno=3 to sal=4000 Then after updating my target table look like

empkey,empno,ename,sal  ,version,flag,deleted
1     ,1    ,aaa  ,1000 ,1      ,Y   ,N
2     ,2    ,bbb  ,2000 ,1      ,Y   ,N
3     ,3    ,ccc  ,3000 ,1      ,N   ,N
4     ,3    ,ccc  ,4000 ,2      ,Y   ,N

Above you can observe version is increased to 2 for empno=3 and flag has changed for last row to "Y" and previous row as "N" for the empno=3 Ok once version and flag works then third is deleted if any record is deleted in source then that flag has to become 'Y' Suppose if i delete empno=2 in source table then my final target table should look like below format


In target table second row flag has to update deleted flag value as "Y".


If I understand your question, you can force that kind of behavior by using TRIGGERS using postgresql. You have to create a trigger in the table referencing to the trigger function.

More info on creating triggers here:

and info on creating triggers functions here:

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