SVN Client Ignore Pattern for VB.NET Solutions


What is the best SVN Ignore Pattern should TortoiseSVN have for a VB.NET solution?


I always add Thumbs.db in as well, because I hate having those files versioned. Probably more of an issue for web developers

this is what I use for C# w/resharper, should work just the same with

build deploy */bin  */bin/* obj *.dll *.pdb *.user *.suo _ReSharper*  *.resharper* bin

OP asked about diagramming views and view dependencies, SQL Management Studio and Enterprise Manager doesn't allow you to diagram views. I can't vouch for the other tools.

The LINQ to SQL designer for Visual Studio does allow you to drop views on the design surface but there isn't a easy way to model the dependencies between the views. I'm not sure which tool has this type of diagramming functionality. You could take a look at Red Gate's SQLDoc tool but it just provides text based output.

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This video can help you solving your question :)
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